The first IP Plane – RV12 from Van´s Aircraft

The RV12 is a self building Kit from Van´s Aircraft. The plane gets it´s power from a Rotax 912S with a Sensenich composite ground-adjustable propeller with 100PS. The all metal plane with two seats and a Wingspread of 8.15m belongs too the light sport aircraft class and has due to its superb canopy a great visibility.

Details of the plane

Modell: RV12 from Van´s Aircraft

Power: 100 PS

Seats: 2

Lenght: 6,07m

Wingspread: 8,15m

Weight: 340kg

Max. Speed: 223km/h

Semester Achievements

Winter Semester 12/13: Hangar

The team planned and set up the workshop for building the aircraft in the machine hall of Reutlingen University. Later they equipped it with all special tools that would be needed in the following semesters.

Summer Semester 13: Rear Body and Tail

This was the first semester which actually started building the airplane. The team completed the rear body segment and the tail unit of our RV-12. The foundation stone was laid.

Winter Semester 13/14: Wings

The team was in charge of the honourable task to construct both wings of our IP-Plane.

Summer Semester 14: Front Body and Trailer

This semester executed the construction of the front body segment including the cockpit, as well as the construction of the aircraft trailer to ensure safe transportation of the University’s RV-12.

Winter Semester 14/15: Fuel Tank and Flight Controls

The team began with the construction of the finish kit which includes among others the fuel tank, flight controls and several more important components.

Summer Semester 15: Canopy and Avionics

This team completed the finish kit with the construction of the canopy. Moreover, they built the avionics and the avionics wiring harness and started with the power plant kit.

Winter Semester 15/16: Power Plant and Construction Test

The team successfully completed the work on the power plant kit and started with the construction book tests.

Summer Semester 16: Open Construction and Test Points

The current team is completing all open construction points and will execute missing construction book test, as well as the test needed by the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt). Afterwards, the IP-Plane will be ready for take-off!

Impressions of the Construction phase


Our Construction Workbook